Jens Kandt

Jens Kandt

Associate Professor in Urban Geography and Data Science

University College London

My research interests relate to the interplay of transport, mobility and health in urban environments, specifically the question of how day-to-day practices, social structure and geographical context influence inequalities in health and well-being. Throughout my research, I develop methodological innovations in processing both established and novel data sources (big data) for strategic applications in urban policy, transport planning and public health. I frequently work and engage with international, national and local organisations operating in these areas.


  • Spatial analysis, statistics and small area estimation
  • Data science techniques with ‘big’ population, consumer and travel smart card data
  • Specialised GIScience with focus on regionalisation and surname geographies
  • Case-based methods with classification, cluster analysis, sequence analysis, geodemographics
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Bayesian inference