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The RAIM project as a whole is concerned with understanding how shared autonomous vehicles that operate ‘on-demand’ might be integrated within public transport systems in the UK and Canada to meet the needs of older people, resulting in improved social, economic, and health outcomes. The RAIM smartphone app survey aims to increase understanding of the choices that older people currently make when travelling, so that future transport options are planned to meet these needs.

The survey will collect information on travel choices, including how often older people choose to travel, the times of day they travel, which parts of the transport system they use, where they go, which stops they board or alight at. Using this information the research will measure how travel behaviour changes in different situations, over time, and under different conditions, such as crowding.

The RAIM Mobile Phone App Survey will collect information on all the trips taken by an individual through an app loaded onto the participant’s smartphone. Taking part means allowing us to track your travel for up to 6 months. We will track travel anonymously and automatically by people like yourself downloading a smartphone app that collects data. The app collects data on where you are, what time you travel and what types of transport you use. You should travel as you normally would and not feel pressure to travel by a particular type of transport – there are no right or wrong ways to travel.

To take part you need to download the RAIM app from the App Store and use EITHER the code RAIM23 if you are based in Canada OR RAIM23UK if you are based in the UK. When you register in the app there is a user consent form and we will ask you to fill out a short survey. This is voluntary and will ask about your, gender, age, your household and household income, ethnicity, your job, education, how frequently you travel, access to a travel pass, general health and how often you take part in social activities. To register, please see the Registration sheet.

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The RAIM Survey is being run by a research group at The Institute for Transport Studies at The University of Leeds.

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